Hotsos is a full service online development agency, from strategy, design, development, creative and execution. We have the skills to transform your online identity.


Good design is essential with any web presence, this doesn’t mean that it just “looks good” it means that the visual representation of the brand is properly combine technology to create an overall impression of the values of the company. Many complaints we here about competitor companies is either; they are very good at programming but the design is unprofessional or awkward, or they designer did a at job on creating something really nice but when executed lacks technical cohesiveness.


Most fo our web development currently has to with WordPress, Shopify, or other major content management system that have proven stability, functionality, and future conscious development processes.

Email Blast

Design and implementation of a one page message seems simple. Don’t be fooled, encoding the HTML specifically for email is not the same as HTML for regular webpages, the type of HTML that works best for most email browsers is a much smaller set of tools, the code needs to be written in a redundant way so that it will display properly across all email systems. Spam filtering is a very real obstacle in getting your message across, the best designed message that gets sent to spam is just as good as sending a blank page, not effective at all. We have extensive knowledge of the pitfalls and issues with email HTML and direct marketing.  


We keep current with all popular animation methods, flash, video, prezi, java, HTML5 and beyond. We can develop amazing animations that can educate and entertain. 


Hotsos has been using online content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress for at least 12 years, after spending many years developing our own advanced database oriented content design systems we have an insiders view on how these systems function and know how to use them to their best possible implementation. Hotsos will help you develop a wordpress on a tight budget but still has a very high-end expensive feel.


With flash on the decline we have ramped up development of our HTML5 animation and design, currently HTML5 is the best way toe advantage of modern web constructs such as bootstrap.


Flash is in decline on the general web hemisphere mostly because iPads, iPods, and iPhones do not support flash, we still use flash for closed environments such as tradeshow displays as well as banner ads


We have an in house photo studio (Located in Toronto, Ontario) capable of small product photographs as well as a larger studio for full size model or lifestyle photography.


Hotsos is linked to amazing video production facility ( on Islington Avenue in South Etobicoke, Lakeshore Village area. We have full use a 25ft seamless green screen background cove and all high end digital video production equipment needed to do HD broadcast quality productions.